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Full Security

No DDOS formed against us shall prosper :-). We have state of the art security at our data center making sure that our data and your data is protected at all time.


24/7 Support

Trust in our technical support staff! We strive to resolve all queries within the first point of contact without the endless cycle of back and forth. We save you time and money.


Email Hosting

You know those ISPs that charge you per mailbox? We're not them. Our emails are free, you only pay for storage space and when that storage space runs out, you can simply upgrade.


Secure Data

Sign up with us knowing that your information is protected and secured at all times. It won't be used nor given to any third party for any reasons without your consent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Linux Shared Hosting

  • If you're an individual seeking to create a personal website or considering starting a business, our Pluto, Mercury, and Mars Hosting Packages are designed to meet your needs.
  • For small businesses that need to host a company website along with email services, our Venus, Earth, Neptune, and Uranus Web Hosting Packages are ideal.
  • If your requirements include hosting directories, e-commerce sites, forums, or if you simply need more space and resources, then our Saturn, Saturn 2, Saturn 2.1, and Enterprise Web Hosting Packages will be well-suited for your needs.

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting. In this, either a single server or a group of servers are organized in such as a way so as to share their hardware and software resources in such a way to host multiple websites and applications on it. In other words, shared hosting users make use of the same resources on a sharing basis for general hosting purposes.

Shared Hosting is nowadays so cheap that you can buy it at the cost as low as R14.00 per month. it's also the best fit for newbies and blogging beginners who have a very limited budget to start their online journey. Shared Web Hosting plans comes with pre-installed hosting management software like cPanel and you need not worry about setting up the server configurations yourself. It’s a readymade package that offers you features like One-Click Installation of most of the popular Web Software like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Absolutely, we offer considerable flexibility with our hosting plans. At any point, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting package. You have the option to make these changes on your own or you can contact us for support if needed.

You won't have to go through much to upgrade because the packages are designed to be scalable depending on your needs. You can easily upgrade your package by purchasing a different product on your ClientSpace Account and if you need to switch to dedicated servers you only need to contact us on and we will assist you with the upgrade including backups and ensuring minimal disruption of uptime.

Besides the glaringly obvious price difference, your website may not need the whole server space to function properly. In fact, if you’re a small e-commerce site, or run a simple personal site, chances a shared hosting environment is sufficient. Not only do you save money, you also know that each penny you pour into your site is going towards something useful.