How to set up email accounts from your cPanel account

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First, you’ll need to log on to client space by clicking on the client space button on the top right of the Okuhle Digital home page.

2)      On this page, you need to log in using your client space details, which we sent you via email when you signed up with us, it would be one of the 1st few emails you received from us just after signing up.

3)      After logging on your client space on your main menu navigate to “Your Active Products/Services” and click on your product.

4)      After clicking on your product, navigate to “Quick Shortcuts” and click on the “Email Account Button”.

5)      After clicking on the button “Email Accounts” Click on the button “check email”.

6)      Select your desired webmail software.

7)      On your webmail software open the email with the subject “Email Configuration setting for”.

 Use those details when setting up your emails on your native device.

Thank you for choosing Okuhle Digital.

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How to set up email accounts from your cPanel account

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